Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we have collected answers to the most common questions we receive. Feel free to contact us with any other questions!

Questions regarding delivery

How long is the delivery time?

  • The delivery time varies depending on whether it is different suppliers or whether it is stock or made-to-order goods on your order. Estimated delivery time can be found under all products in the webshop.

How does the delivery work?

  • Most products are delivered to the nearest Schenker collection point near your chosen delivery address. A few products are delivered to the nearest DHL delivery point, if you are unsure how your order will be delivered, contact us by calling or sending an email. You will receive a message and tracking number when the item has arrived, after which you can pick it up product when it suits you. However, the item must normally be picked up within approx. 14 days. You will receive more information upon delivery to the delivery point. Check the item upon receipt. 
  • For packages delivered to the delivery point and that are not picked up, you will be charged a return and handling cost!

My item was damaged on delivery, what do I do?

  • Transport damage must be reported within 7 days (including the day the item is received). It is the customer's task to inspect the goods properly immediately when the goods are received so that there is no damage or hidden damage to the goods. Applications after this time unfortunately cannot be processed.
  • Should your product be damaged upon arrival, make a complaint via our website, fill in step by step, attach a photo of the packaging, an overall photo and a detailed photo, and the handling will be smoother.
  • If it concerns heating boilers, pumps, the serial number of the machine must be stated.
  • Any damage must be noted on the delivery note together with the driver when you receive the delivery. This is very important as you cannot claim a transport damage afterwards.

How is notification done?

  • Our partner (mainly DHL or PostNord) will notify you via SMS/email when the package is ready to be picked up at an agent near you.
  • Regarding packages which are delivered directly to the delivery address, the forwarder usually notifies about 1-2  days before delivery via phone/text. You will then receive suggestions for the day of the week and time interval for delivery.

Do I have to be at home for delivery?

  • The majority of our packages are sent to an agent near you. You will receive a notification when the package has arrived and is ready to be picked up.
  • For home delivery, you or someone else in the family must receive the delivery in order to rule out possible shipping damage. The shipping companies are also not allowed to leave the goods without someone being at home to receive them. Deliveries are made during the day. Upon delivery, it is required that you as the recipient can identify yourself. If someone else receives the delivery for you, he/she is required to be able to identify both himself and you.
  • For home delivery of goods, you as a customer must be available during the time agreed with the shipping company. Otherwise, possible boom driving costs may be charged.  

How do I know you have received my order?

  • We always send a confirmation email as soon as your order enters our system. Sometimes this ends up in the wastebasket. Feel free to look there if you have not received the confirmation.

Questions regarding returns

How do I make a return?

  • Always contact VVSMAX to report a return. The customer must also report the return to SVEA if the customer has chosen invoice as the payment method and this has not yet been paid.
  • If you wish to return all or part of your order, you must notify us within 14 days of receiving your delivery. You as a customer (private person) have a 14-day return/cancellation right by law.
  • After you have notified us of the desired return, we will get back to you with the return cost and a return shipping slip (PDF file) via email.
  • After the customer has received the return shipping slip from VVSMAX, the return must be sent in within 7 days. 

Do I have to pay the return cost?

  • The customer is responsible for the return cost. Contact us by phone or email to find out what the return cost will be.
  • When returning all or part of an order, the delivery cost or shipping fee is not refunded!
  • In the case of complaints, return shipping is NOT required to be paid by the customer.

How do I pay the return cost?

When paying by card/bank transfer

  • After we have received and processed the return, we notify the customer of this via email and make a credit (- the return cost). The money is normally visible within approx. 2 – 4 banking days. The money is refunded to the account to which the card is linked.

In case of invoice/partial payment

  • After we have received and processed the return, we notify the customer of this via email. We make a credit on the invoice (- return cost) and send a copy of the credit invoice via email. If you have chosen partial payment, any fees charged by SVEA will be added.

Can I book the return for you myself?

  • Returns can only be made through the return shipping slip that we provide! Return shipments booked by the customer are not accepted.

Can I return if the packaging has been opened?

  • Items that have original warranty  tape and have broken packaging are not accepted for return.

I have reported a return and selected invoice as payment method, do I still have to pay?    

  • We always recommend that the invoice be paid in full to avoid possible charges from SVEA (reminder fee/collection).
  • When the customer has reported the return to VVSMAX and received the return shipping slip, the customer must also notify SVEA if the return, SVEA can then extend the due date. When VVSMAX has received and processed the return, the invoice is credited so the return cost remains to be paid (+ possible fees from SVEA in case of partial payment) 

Questions regarding complaints

How do you advertise a product?

  • If the item(s) you received are damaged, this must be reported to VVSMAX immediately or within 7 working days at the latest. Hidden damage must be reported within 5 working days.
  • Customer can submit a fault report via complaint / claim report, the link can also be found at the bottom, under our Quick Links..
  • li>Photos must always accompany a report. Email pictures to VVSMAX via, state your order number, article number and number of the item(s) that are damaged.
  • In case of visible damage to packaging or goods (home delivery), request that the driver note your remark on the delivery note and hand scanner. Take pictures yourself and send a fault report to VVSMAX via email. 
  • In case of visible damage to packaging or goods (delivery to agent). We recommend that the customer take a picture of the package and NOT accept the shipment, but leave it with the agent. Ask the agent to note that the shipment is damaged and then contact VVSMAX by submitting a fault report via the website.
  • NOTE! We do not accept complaints about visibly damaged goods assembled by the customer. 

Questions regarding payment

Does it cost extra to pay against invoice?

  • No, there is no additional cost for payment by invoice.

Dispatch fee

  • A shipping fee of SEK 59 is added to all orders regardless of payment method and order value. 

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